Every day all sorts of musicians and composers send us their audio contributions to the universe we depicted in Manituana.
What we're doing, we're assembling the soundtrack(s) of the novel.
There's only one rule: either the music or the lyrics (or both) must be inspired by what's in the book or on this website.

Wu Ming 5 - The Indian Takes A Walk About London

Jet Set Roger (& Zograf) - Manituana

Beans, Bacon & Gravy - The Coo Coo Bird

2/9 of Modena City Ramblers- Ballad of Esther Johnson

Casasonica - MANITUANA, a soundtrack

Paul Pieretto - Civil War

Francesco Cusa - Manituana Drums


This sub-section is entirely devoted to spoken word: you can download or listen to radio interviews, recordings from the book tour, readings from the novel, audio versions of side stories related to Manituana etc. Unfortunately for some (and especially those who are reading this very description), most of this stuff is yet in an interesting albeit mistifying language called Italian.

Valerio Evangelisti on Manituana

Compagnia Fantasma - Whadda fuck's Turkey to do with this?

Compagnia Fantasma - The Mohock Year's Eve