Wu Ming 5 - The Indian Takes A Walk About London

A rhapsody in two movements inspired by chapters 11 and 21, 2nd part of Manituana ("Mohock Club")



Many years after his punk-rock days, Wu Ming 5 is back writing music. In one of his previous lives he was a bass and guitar player, treading the dirty boards of social centres and rundown clubs. In the following reincarnation, he was a versatile DJ and radio host selecting soul, hip hop, reggae, freakbeat, boogaloo, and jazz. Nowadays he uses a computer.

Streets of Westminster marks the entrance of the London Mohocks, as though accompanied by a nastified Henry Mancini. Slightly faulty-timed string bursts express the Londoners' perceptive shock at the appearance of such urban aliens.

Boardwalk Talk is about Philip Lacroix aka Le Grand Diable walking the streets, open to anything that might happen, a real "promenade du schizo" straight out of The Anti-Oedipus.

13 November 2007



Streets of Westminster, mp3 a 128 k, 1:44
Boardwalk Talk, mp3 a 128 k, 3:09

Wu Ming 5 - The Indian Takes A Walk About London
William Hogarth. Chairing the Member. 1755. Olio su tela. Sir John Soane's Museum, London, UK