Compagnia Fantasma - The Mohock Year's Eve



Compagnia Fantasma [Phantom Company] was founded in Bologna in 2002. Its members are Daniele Bergonzi, Andrea Giovannucci, Alessandro Giovannucci and Stefano D'Arcangelo. They write and stage original theatrical works, and are very fond of radio dramas. They have also established a long-time collaboration with Wu Ming. In the past few years Compagnia Fantasma have done readings from our novels and short stories (e.g. 54, In Like Flynn, and now Manituana). On the right column, the links to both their official website and the audiotheque at

20 April 2007



Scarica l'mp3, 192 k

Compagnia Fantasma - The Mohock Year
Bovver scene from "The Mohocks", an episode of "The Avengers", comic version of the legendary British TV series. Published by Thorpe & Porter, London, 1966