Casasonica - MANITUANA, a soundtrack

From Subsonica to Petrol, 8 songs for 8 chapters of the novel



Music and narration have been sisters forever. From Australia to Finland, and by way of Greece, myths and legends have been born in song long before becoming stories or written down.
What is new, therefore, if a music label issues a soundtrack from a novel?
In the case of Manituana an ambitious project exists, the idea of narrating stories from the novel with whatever medium possible to explore a narrative universe and make it accessible from diverse orientations: not only the book, but also comics, videos, music, web pages.
[...] It is in this atmosphere that Casasonica enters into play. Max Casacci has resolved to take on the challenge and has proposed to the groups that are to record for the disc that they read the novel, choose a chapter, or also a character, and that they put music to it in their own way. That is how these 8 songs were born, that can be downloaded free on the internet: the first soundtrack, among infinite possibilities, to Manituana.
Whosoever wishes, can listen to them while they read the chapters that inspired them. Anyone can suggest new combinations. Others can play the same game, perhaps with other routes, acoustic guitar and voice, violin and mixing board, remix. Finally, whoever thinks that they should imagine their own sounds for the novel, can listen to these themes with the book closed. One of the principles of transmedia storytelling is that each piece of the mosaic should be autonomous, a jewel that can be contemplated in the palm of the hand, without necessarily placing it within the complete schema.

(from an article on the project presentation, by Torinosette - La Stampa)

Here you can download MANITUANA - A soundtrack, free and without DRM

And by clicking on the top right link, you can listen to the contribution by Petrol, Cherry Valley (chap.36, part IIIa)

08 May 2007


Casasonica - MANITUANA, a soundtrack