Francesco Cusa - Manituana Drums

Francesco Cusa - Manituana Drums / 2

IIa parte - Mohock Club

Francesco Cusa - Manituana Drums / 3

IIIa parte - La battaglia di Oriskany



Francesco Cusa (alias Frank U.S.A.), drummer and composer, was born in Catania in 1966. He has played alongside some of the greatest jazz and avantgarde musicians all over Europe. His music encompasses radical improvisations, the most heterodox pop, and even tunes of a balladist scope. Among his solo albums, we cite Skrunch (Improvvisatore Involontario, 2005). He’s a member of various groups that get together irregularly around specific projects, like Switters (together with saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and bassist/vocalist Vicenzo Vasi). Switters have collaborated with Wu Ming 1 adding sound to fragments of his “soloist narrative object” New Thing (Einaudi, 2004).

Dazzled by an oral summary of the plot in Manituana, and later assaulted by reminiscences of films like The Searchers and Soldier Blue, Cusa has recorded and given us these three themes, which form a mini-suite, Manituana Drums.

14 February 2007



02 - Mohock Club - 2:43
01 - Il concilio di Oswego - 2:42
03 - La battaglia di Oriskany - 3:32

Francesco Cusa - Manituana Drums
Francesco Cusa