Jet Set Roger (& Zograf) - Manituana

A glam-rocker from Italy and a cartoonist from Serbia weave their languages together in a sonigraphic tribute to Manituana



Jet Set Roger was born in London in 1973, but pretty soon moved to Italy because of the weather. He has been treading the boards since he was a lad and has worked with various italian artists including ourselves. His band has been supporting act for italian pop favourites like Bluvertigo and Afterhours, and has appeared on a number of indie compilations, though somehow always missing international acclaim. Known for his glam and punk rock antics, he has recently shown a more crooner-like side of himself, and has just released his long awaited debut album "La vita sociale". The song "El Che chez Roger", a glam rock cover of Carlos Puebla's "Hasta siempre comandante", has recently been added to the soundtrack of the documentary "Che Guevara: The body and the myth", produced by B&B film and due to appear on various TV Channels, including Irish RTE, German ZDF-Artè and Australian SBS. Aleksandar Zograf (a pseudonym of Sasa Rakezic) is a Serbian cartoonist, the author of such works as Life Under Sanctions, Psychonaut, Dream Watcher and Bulletins from Serbia. Zograf has been active on the international scene since the early '90s when his work started to appear in U.S. comics anthologies such as Weirdo and Zero Zero and when Seattle's Fantagraphics Books published a few of his titles. Works by Zograf have been translated and published in many European magazines, and his solo titles have been issued by publishers L'Association in France, PuntoZero in Italy, Jochen Enterprises in Germany, Under Comics in Spain, etc.

Aleksandar Zograf on


Jet Set Roger composed a song inspired by Manituana and Zograf illustrated it with two colour plates, which you can see in small size or download at high resolution (link on the right column). Roger Said: "When I read the novel I immediately thought of Adam & the Ants, I was always a big fan of them, but then the song went berserk because of my warlike frenzy, now it sounds like a Motorhead/Ant crossover, and I'm quite happy about it. If possible, I'd like you to write that this is my hearty tribute to Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni: their crazy musical world has always been a great source of inspiration."
Here's the lyrics:

If you can’t beat them
there is just another way
now we’re Mohawk and English
and this is how it’s gonna stay
But politics are treason
and we are unsuitable allies
for officers and gentlemen
with disdain in their eyes
Help us find a way
In times of rebellion
it’s hard to tell a friend from a foe
forget drawing up the armies
this battle will be fought from door to door
I’ll paint my face
and give up all the bon ton
Blood for our pride
is the word of our tom toms
Help us find a way
is where I wanna
meet you again now that our land is withered
is where I wanna
meet you again there amid the river
Destruction is here
the fire of the Long House will die
all through the country
the Six Nations cry
But it’s not time yet
to bury our hatchet
the last rip will hurt
and you won’t manage to patch it
Warraghiyagey, etc.
From the sky it fell
scattered land
We’re the sons of the warriors
and here we stand.


Jet Set Roger - Vocals
Pietro Zola
- Guitar
Franci Omi - Guitar
Andrea Cavalleri - Bass
Simone Gelmini - Drums
Francesco Pelliccioli
: Additional Drums

Manituana was written by Roger Rossini and recorded by Marco Franzoni at Studio Blue Femme.

16 October 2007



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