A story from the wrong side of History



The Lords of the Confederacy of the Five Nations shall be mentors of the people for all time. The thickness of their skin shall be seven spans -- which is to say that they shall
be proof against anger, offensive actions and criticism. Their hearts shall be full of peace and good will and their minds filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the Confederacy. With endless patience they shall carry out their duty and their firmness shall be tempered with a tenderness for their people. Neither anger nor fury shall find lodgement in
their minds and all their words and actions shall be marked by calm deliberation.
(Article 24 of the Iroquois Constitution or Gayanashagowa, “The Great Binding Law”, August 1142)

1775. In Massachusetts, the conflict between the British Empire and the American colonies becomes all out war.

In the colony of New York, the Six Nations - or “League of Peace and Power” – must decide if they are going to participate in the war, and alongside whom.

In the Mohawk River Valley a mestizo world exists. It is a great community of Indians, Irish and Scottish, founded by Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs appointed by King George. The thunder of war is heard in Boston and continues getting closer, old bonds are broken, the land that Sir William called "Iroquoireland" becomes a scene of hate and resentment.

The war chief Joseph Brant Thayendanegea has to make a decision and set off, taking his people far from their native land, going beyond the world he has always known.

From the authors of Q and 54, an epic novel about the birth of a nation and the extermination of many possible worlds.

06 February 2007


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A story from the wrong side of History
L'Albero della Pace, simbolo delle Sei Nazioni. Disegno di John Kahionhes Fadden