Paul Pieretto - Civil War

The trailer soundtrack
Paul Pieretto was born in Bologna, in July 1977.
Since the autumn of 2003 he has been the bass player for Settlefish, an indie-rock band with whom he has made Plural of the Choir (2005) distributed by Unship Records (IT) and Deep Elm Records (USA); with the band he has played more than 200 concerts in Italy, Europe, Canada and the USA.
Along with Agostino Di Tommaso they make up ElSo, an electronic duo that has musicalized readings and performances in collaboration with Wu Ming 2: The Elements (2003), La Ballata del Corazza (2003), Guerra agli umani (2004).
Since the spring of 2003 he has been the bass player for Senit, a young singer from Bologna.
Other collaborations: Supertele, A Classic Education.
He lives and works in Bologna.

From various reprocessed tracks, including a traditional march for the snare drum from 1790 called Downfall of Paris and interpreted by Federico Oppi, is born Civil War, the theme for the Manituana trailer.

The voice on the trailer is that of vocalist Joe Zanafredi.
Paul Pieretto - Civil War
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