March 22. In the House of Commons, Edmund Burke delivers his speech in favour of a reconciliation with the American colonies.

April 19. In the battle of Lexington & Concord the "Americans" and the "British" exchange their first rifle shots.

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May 10. Rebel Colonel Ethan Allen leads the Green Mountain Boys in the conquest of Fort Ticonderoga, the first British loss in the Revolution.

June 17. On Breed's Hill, near Boston, takes place the famous battle of Bunker's Hill.

November 7. Lord Dunmore promises freedom to all the black slaves that will join His Majesty army.

November 12. General Washington forbids the recruitment of "Negroes".

3 November. General Montgomery American forces conquer Montréal.

December 31. British troops repel the siege of Québec.

W.A. Mozart, aged 19, composes Il Re Pastore, K. 208 (The Shepherd King).

James Watt builds the first prototype of the steam machine.
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