August 30. At West Point, New York, General Benedict Arnold betrays the United States. He offers to hand the fort over to the British for £20,300.


March 13. The astronomer William Herschel discovers planet Uranus and calls it "Georgium Sidus" in honour of King George III.

October 17. In Yorkstown, Virginia, after eight days of cannonade, Lord Cornwallis' troops surrender to general Washington. It is the last battle of the revolutionary war.

Immanuel Kant publishes his Critique of Pure Reason.


15 luglio. Muore a 77 anni il cantante castrato Farinelli.

November 30. In Paris, France, the British Empire and the United States of America sign the Preliminary Articles of Peace.

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos writes The Dangerous Relationships.

In Bangkok starts the construction of Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of the Emerald Buddha.


June 4. Annonay, France. For the first time in front of an audience, the Montgolfier brothers launch an unmanned hot air balloon, whose flight lasts ten minutes.

June 8. In Iceland the Laki volcano starts erupting. During the following eight monts, the ash fallout will have consequences on agriculture all over Europe.

September 3. With the Treaty of Paris, the British Empire acknowledges the independence of the United States of America.